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About The TRIZ Journal - Mission, Philosophy and History

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The TRIZ Journal provides unbiased innovation information and resources to business leaders. Whether your organization is fully committed to implementing a systematic innovation methodology or are beginning the journey, The TRIZ Journal can help you identify the innovation methodology and tools that will help your business deliver breakthrough innovation. Business professionals within every industry will find powerful innovation information, with clear and direct steps for learning and implementing innovative products, services and business models.

About The TRIZ Journal
The mission of The TRIZ Journal is to provide a free information resource to help business professionals successfully implement innovation within their organizations.

The TRIZ Journal focuses on three primary areas: credible information, community, and supplemental services. We strive to create an environment that fosters open business-to-business communication, support between professionals and commerce between businesses. The resources available at The TRIZ Journal will help your business understand and set innovation into place and, more importantly, into practice.

We are dedicated to assisting with your successful innovation implementation and the associated customer benefits. As serious as we are about improving your customer's experience, we also think that innovation information can and should be engaging, exciting and entertaining.

The TRIZ Journal Philosophy
The TRIZ Journal is built on a foundation of honest and open communication between all of our participants. Our daily operations and guidelines for development are based on three basic values:

  • We believe the best information can be found on an open platform. For this reason, The TRIZ Journal does not charge for information or resources.
  • We believe that if businesses actively share information, ideas and experiences, business professionals, such as yourself, will benefit.
  • We recognize and respect the value that a qualified consultant can provide during implementation. We also recognize that there are many choices when it comes to consulting services and we believe businesses should be informed of all possibilities from an unbiased source.

The TRIZ Journal is committed to these values and requests that site participants honor these values as well. Everyone benefits.

The TRIZ Journal History
The TRIZ Journal was first launced in 1996 as a communication platform for sharing TRIZ-related information world-wide. It grew from two readers (the editors of the Journal) to over 80,000 unique readers per month and continues to grow daily. In 2006, The TRIZ Journal was acquired by CTQ Media.

Our objective is to provide site that offers comprehensive information, in-depth editorial and personalized advice to help management professionals implement innovation methods and tools quickly and successfully within their organizations.

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